Video Upload Guide

Uploading your footage to NEXT is crucial, and not doing so can potentially result in disqualification, or having scores otherwise invalidated.

You’ve Recorded Your Round – What Now?

Head to to upload.

File sizes for video covering 18 holes or more (if there are more than one person playing) can be large. That’s why we recommend transferring files from your phone to a computer to ensure a stable internet connection and optimal upload speeds.

The simplest way to transfer files from your phone to a computer is likely using a cable (if your device allows), but best practices vary from device to device, so choose a method that works for you.

It is possible to upload straight from your phone via your mobile browser, but you risk additional headache from faulty uploads due to:

  • Sleep mode/power saver modes – which idle your smartphone after a period of inactivity. This usually also disconnects any ongoing uploads and can result in a corrupted or incomplete file transfer
  • Mobile network/wifi instability
  • Calls or other external disruptions that your phone may prioritize over upload

What Information Should You Include When Uploading?

When sending your gameplay footage to NEXT it’s important to include the necessary information for us to identify you, and include timestamps and short descriptions of what highlight worthy moments, as well as any issues you’d like the Player Office to make a ruling on.

Please include the following information:

  • Your name, TrackMan account email, and social handles
  • Round information
  • Video time stamps and descriptions of any highlights or issues



If you repeatedly have issues uploading via wetransfer there are few things, you can try:

  • Ensure your device doesn’t have a power saving mode enabled, causing it to sleep mid-transfer
  • Try uploading with a different browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  • Ensure you have at least 5mb of upload speed
  • Disable your VPN (if you have one enabled)
  • Try splitting your round into two 9-hole recordings

If all else fails, refer to the wetransfer troubleshooting page, and contact NEXT Support or the Player Office.

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